Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Waltzing sessions. Focus on partner communication, flow, connection and specific steps with the goal of ultimately becoming more creative and playful in our waltzing.


Choose from flourishes for swings, petronellas, courtesy turns, heys, moves that swap and more.  We focus on flow, communication, both verbal and non-verbal, safety and consent.  Come prepared to see what these flourishes are like from both sides!

So You Think You Can Dance?

A session of contra games that expand our thinking about dancing, choreography, recovery, flexibility.  It’s really fun!!! 

Try the Other Role

Perfect for dancers who want a safe, encouraging and welcoming place to learn a new aspect of contra! Pacing depends on the crowd, but we’ll be sure to focus on the basics of making the swing feel good while communicating our needs. We’ll cover the subtle differences in the roles, how to make transitions flow from these new positions, the neat aspects of contra one didn’t think they’d miss by only dancing one role, and how to start thinking about dances as whole units rather than two parts.

Shenanigans/Parallel Play

Learn to “stack a line” and swap partners with those consenting shadows! We’ll discuss where the good places are to swap, how to signal to your shadows and what to do when things to awry!

Dance Communication

How can we be better, more sensitive dancers? How can we better help new dancers feel success with the dance form we love? How can we be clearer in our leads when dancing with blind or deaf dancers?  How can we modify choreography to fit the needs of dancers with mobility issues?


Everyone can dip safely! Learn to dip people of all sizes with consent!


A variety of calling workshops ranging from calling 101, to walkthrough writing, to programming.

Singing Games for Children

Songs, fingerplays, dances for children (and young-at-heart adults)! More info about Family Programming on the Family Dance page

Children’s songs
A flourish for a swing!